Online Speech Cards

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This is an online version of my Speech and Communication Cards that can be played on most devices. The one-off payment gives you unlimited access to the cards (Internet access required).

The Challenge Me!™ Speech and Communication Cards feature fun and dynamic challenges for children aged 3-12 with any form of speech difficulty, whether this is a severe problem which is related to a motor disability or a general delay in speech.

An ideal tool for parents and professionals working to improve a child's speaking skills, the cards provide a variety of fun activities designed to improve breathing techniques and use of speech apparatus such as the mouth, tongue and nose; control extra salivation; moderate volume, tempo, rhythm and intonation of speech; and improve sound production and clarity of words and sentences. The enclosed booklet provides instructions and advice for using the cards effectively.

These user-friendly activities will make speech training enjoyable for both children and their facilitators and are great for use in the classroom, at home, on a one-to-one basis or with a group of children.

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