About the author

Amanda Elliott is an experienced practitioner of conductive education (conductor) who has been dedicated to the Petö system since 1990.

In 2000 she graduated with an honours degree from the University of Wolverhampton (in conjunction with the foundation for conductive education). During her formal studies she also co-founded the Conductive Education Support Centre in the New Forest south of England with Judit Szathmáry (Director). The children who attend the Saturday mobility classes inspired her to design the Challenge Me™ Mobility Activity Cards.

The founder of conductive education professor Andras Petö (1893 - 1967) combined his knowledge of anatomy and physiology with his skill and understanding of pedagogy psychology and healing to revolutionise the way in which children and adults with neurological disabilities can be helped with his comprehensive system.

Children, adults and their families travel great distances to benefit from this unique intervention in the New Forest, to participate in the group and individual sessions which run during term times and holiday periods.

We hope that you will be inspired by the Challenge Me!™ Mobility Activity Cards and you will enjoy using them.